Moon Phases & Magic

Following is a list of numerous spells that you can perform during the different phases of the moon–certain spells work better during particular phases. All the spells listed can be cast in a simple ritual: take a small white candle to the window and gaze at the moon through the windowpane. Say your wish out loud and with feeling, then leave the candle to burn down (supervised) for an hour before extinguishing.


From a magical POV, the full moon does not have any negative connotations; it is just considered a very powerful time of the month. For some reason, Fridays that fall on full moons are wonderful days for casting love spells. If you try casting love spells during any other phase, it doesn’t mean they will not work, but the results could take much longer. There are lots of other spells that benefit from being cast on a full moon, too, and they are listed as follows:

  • protecting property and home
  • adding vigor to your life
  • anything to do with love
  • increasing self-confidence
  • advancing in career and work
  • enhancing psychic ability / clairvoyance
  • strengthening friendships and family bonds
  • performing general good luck spells


When the moon is waxing, witches like to cast spells for improving situations or for getting things going if things have been in a rut for a while. Often, when life is unchanging, it takes a little boost to amp things up a bit, and this phase is definitely the best time to kick-start your life. The following spells act faster during the waxing moon:

  • moving forward from depression
  • getting out of a rut
  • passing examinations and tests
  • finding lost objects
  • healing a sick animal
  • finding a lost pet


The waning moon is the perfect time to cast spells for getting rid of the black clouds and negative energies that sometimes hang over us. It is a time when you can draw down strength from the universe.

  • developing inner strength and assertiveness
  • banishing enemies
  • stopping arguments
  • soothing unruly children
  • calming anxiety
  • getting out of tricky situations


The new moon phase surrounds us with lots of positive energy and can act as a catalyst for immediate change. Many transitions naturally happen around a new moon anyway, such as new jobs, births, and moves, but if you need to revolutionize your life, cast spells at this time for:

  • career changes
  • moving house swiftly and easily
  • safe and enjoyable travel
  • increasing your cash flow
  • better health
  • conceiving

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