Circles and Circle Casting


  1. During Circle casting, if outdoors, substitute “walls and floors” with “air and ground.” Change “I” to “we” when others are participating. Use appropriate Altar and Circle decorations for the seasons: flowers, leaves, shells, stones, crystals, cord, or meaningful objects.
  2. The Sigil for anointing may be a Pentagram; Triple Moon; Solar Cross; Lunar Spiral; Solar Cross with Lunar Spiral over it, etc., as desired. Anointing may be added if desired when not part of the Circle casting.
  3. May use Craft Name in rituals with others, or Secret / Working Name if alone.
  4. If rinsing out libation bowl in a sink, envision this as a journey to Earth waters.
  5. The Circle area may be marked by a cord, by Elemental candles, by items relating to the ritual the Circle is being cast for, or by nothing at all save awareness of where it is from the energy sent to form it.
  6. Cast the Circle, insert rituals, spells, recitations, etc., where designated, then return to the Circle page for Cakes and Wine, and Circle Opening.
  7. Decide in advance what will be done in the Circle, place ribbons or paper slips in the BOS places so each page used for the entire ritual can be easily turned to in the  course of the ritual. A book holder or book stand is an excellent tool to make it easier to turn to the desired pages as the ritual progresses. Do not feel rushed, but make the experience a meaningful one.
  8. Deosil is N-E-S-W-N and Widdershins is N-W-S-E-N unless otherwise noted.
  9. Music may be used to accompany the Circle casting / opening and rituals; song, musical performance, and drumming may be added where it feels appropriate.


Basic Circle Casting & Opening

  • Lay out Circle, and at North set Altar items [may use fruit juice, water, or tea instead of wine]. Ground and center.
  • Sweep the Circle area with a besom deosil [clockwise] N-E-S-W and return to Altar:

As I sweep, may the Besom chase away all negativity from within this Circle that it may be cleared and ready for my work.

  • Light incense and Altar candles [in appropriate colors]; ring bell or clap hands 3 times:

The Circle is about to be cast and I freely stand within to greet my Lady and my Lord.

  • Take center Altar candle deosil around Circle, raising at each Quarter and lighting the Elemental candles, and returning to Altar when done:

[N]: I call upon Light and Earth at the North to illuminate and strengthen the Circle.

[E]: I call upon Light and Air at the East to illuminate and enliven the Circle.

[S]: I call upon Light and Fire at the South to illuminate and warm the Circle.

[W]: I call upon Light and Water at the West to illuminate and cleanse the Circle.

  • Raise athame in power hand in front of Altar:

I draw this Circle in the presence of the Lady and Lord that They may aid and bless me in my work.

  • Lower athame at North; walk deosil around the Circle, envisioning a blue light shooting out from the point to form the Circle boundary:

This is the boundary of the Circle; around me, through walls and floors, above me and below me as a sphere is the Circle cast and consecrated to the Lady and the Lord that They may work with and through Their child, [name]. This Circle is charged by the powers of the Ancient Ones! Only love shall enter and leave.

  • Return to Altar; and ring bell or clap 3 times; touch point of athame to bowl of salt:

Salt is life and purifying. I bless this salt to be used in this sacred Circle by the power of the Goddess and God.

  • Using tip of athame, drop 3 portions of salt into water; stir three times with blade:

Let the blessed salt purify this water that it may be blessed to use in this sacred Circle. Through the power of the Goddess and God is this water cleansed.

  • Sprinkle blessed water deosil around the Circle:

I consecrate this Circle by the Lady and the Lord. This Circle is conjured a Circle of Power that is purified and sealed. So Mote It Be!

  • Put water bowl back on Altar. Take incense deosil around Circle to cense it:

With the smoke of incense do I honor and make welcome my visitors and helpers, visible and invisible.

  • Dab anointing oil with fingertip on forehead in Sigil:

I, [name], am consecrated in the names of the Goddess and God, in this Their Circle.

  • [Cut doorway in Circle for others to enter; close and seal with Sigil]
  • Challenge each as they approach the Circle, then anoint with oil and Sigil:

[Q]: Why have you come?

[A]: To enter the Circle.

[Q]: How do you enter?

[A]: In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,

[Q]: Enter and merry meet! I bid you welcome.

  • With wand, invoke the Elementals at each Quarter starting at North and moving deosil; raise and open arms to invoke, then close and lower arms, turning to the next Quarter until all are called:

[N]: Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the North, the powers of mother and earth. Hear me! I call upon you, Elemental Earth, to attend this rite and guard this Circle!

[E]: Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the east, by the powers of air and invention. Hear me! I call upon you, Elemental Air, to attend this rite and guard this Circle!

[S]: Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the south, powers of fire and feeling. Hear me! I call upon you, Elemental Fire, to attend this rite and guard this Circle!

[W]: Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the west, powers of water and intuition, hear me! I call upon you, Elemental Water, to attend this rite and guard this Circle!

  • Draw Cosmic Lemniscate with wand over Altar.
  • Set wand on Altar. Raise athame in both hands straight overhead:

Hail to the Elementals at the Four Quarters! Welcome Lady and Lord to this Circle! I stand between the worlds with Love and Power all around!


When finished, proceed with Cakes & Wine, and Opening the Circle.



  • Ring bell or clap three times.
  • Feet spread and open arms raised:

I acknowledge my needs and offer my appreciation to that which sustains me! May I ever remember the blessings of the Lady and the Lord.

  • Feet together, hold cup in left hand and athame in right and slowly lower the point of the athame into the cup:

As the Divine Female joins the Divine Male for the benefit of both, let the fruits of their union promote life, love, and joy. Let the Earth be fruitful and let her bounty be spread throughout the lands.

  • Set down athame. Pour a libation into the libation bowl or cauldron.
  • Now touch point of athame to the bread or cake in the offering dish:

This food is the blessing of the Lady and Lord given to me. As I have received, may I offer food for the body, mind, and spirit to those who seek such of me.

  • Consume the Cakes & Wine (divided among attendees present). When finished:

As I have enjoyed these gifts of the Goddess and God, may I remember that without them I would have nothing. So mote it be!


  • Hold athame in power hand level over Altar:

Lady and Lord, I have been blessed by your sharing this time with me; watching and guarding me, guiding me here and in all things. I came in love and I depart in love.

  • Raise athame in salute:

Love is the Law and Love is the Bond. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again! The Circle is cleared. So mote it be!

  • Kiss the flat of the blade and set athame on Altar.
  • With wand moving deosil, farewell each Elemental with raised open arms, then lower and close arms and move to the next Quarter, snuffing candles as you go:

[N]: Depart in peace, Elemental Earth. My blessings take with you!

[E]: Depart in peace, Elemental Air. My blessings take with you!

[S]: Depart in peace, Elemental Fire. My blessings take with you!

[W]: Depart in peace, Elemental West. My blessings take with you!

  • Set wand on Altar and raise open arms:

Beings and powers both visible and invisible, depart in peace! You aid in my work, whisper in my mind, and bless me from Otherworld. Let there ever be harmony between us. My blessings take with you. The Circle is cleared!

  • Take athame and move Widdershins [counterclockwise] around the Circle N-W-S-E-N], envisioning the blue light drawing back into the athame:

The Circle is open, yet the Circle remains, as its magical power is drawn back into me. The Circle is cleared! So mote it be!

* END *

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